Acquire reliable technology
for production lines

We will support your production, whether you manufacture medicines, diapers, wooden panels or smoked meats.
We can help you ensure clean operations, comply with ISO standards and secure the safety of your equipment.


Magnetic separators

Piping systems JACOB

Metal detectors

Connecting components

Optical sorters


Exhaust systems

and other…



We offer technology to every industry

For operations such as separating, detecting, dusting or transporting materials.
We create solution exactly for your needs.
We also help you meet demanding standards such as those in the food processing or pharmaceutical industries.

Our technology in manufacturing operations secures…

  • the safety of your machines, employees and customers
  • material flow in production
  • a clean working environment
  • the quality of your products

We know how important smooth operations without failures are.

That is why we work with the best European manufacturers.
We only provide technology that you can rely on.

We provide a complete service
from design to installation

We supply top-rate products.
Above all, we provide you excellent advice.
We listen to you and recommend the best in terms of price, efficiency and reliability.


We provide turnkey solutions, including installation and service.
Once something breaks down, we will fix it, when possible in a matter of hours.
Our service work is free for 5 years, and you pay only for spare parts.