Lower the cost of production without compromising quality
with high-quality regranulates

Save up to 33% of costs by replacing part of the original with regranulate.
We have regranulates and compounds in colours not offered elsewhere.
We can handle complicated demands and large orders.
You can always rely on our word, delivery times and payments


We buy plastic waste

Nonwoven fabrics, grit, products from PP and LDPE or PET caps from schools and nursery schools

We rework scrap products

Into regranulate or grit you can use again in production

We supply regranulate and compounds

In the colour you want. Even if we have to develop it


PPC RedMFI 25-35

PPC YellowMFI 25-35

PPC BlueMFI 25-35

You can try everything on a sample. We continue work once you are satisfied


  1. We’ll clarify your requirements
  2. You can inspect the material at a personal meeting
  3. You can test mechanical properties on a sample of 50-1,000 kg
  4. If we encounter a problem, we continue looking or launch development
  5. We arrange regular deliveries to save you money


We help you choose the most suitable material or we will create it specially for you

In addition to polypropylene and polyethylene, we also work with technical plastics
– ABS, PC, PA and PS.

Let us know what physical properties the regranulate should have or simply let us know what you wish to make with it.
We will contact you with an offer.

We are one of the few companies offering the compounding of technological waste.

That’s why we can offer you raw materials for demanding applications up to 15% cheaper than from other suppliers.


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