Get people excited about your idea

What was behind the creation of the first division with a focus entirely outside industry and plastics?
We were looking for seasoned professionals for our company.
And we found people with years of experience in media, PR and lobbying.

Need to get a newspaper interview?
Organise a press conference?
Process your topic on TV?

We will arrange media space at a great price.

We have great contacts and years of experience with the building of corporate brands

We will help you build a reputation as a friendly and honest business.
We will ensure that many and good things are written about you to help you gain people’s trust.

We have professionals in the field who have been active in companies and agencies for years. We personally know many journalists and other people from the media.

At the perfect level, we take care of clients from industry, construction, energy, food, agriculture and pharmaceuticals, design companies and family and regional businesses. But we can help any company, small and large.

We work with maximum respect
for you and your business

  • We will prepare a PR communication plan that will increase your sales. We develop themes, write texts and organise events
  • We’ll connect you with the right media and journalists to deliver great results
  • We will improve internal communication in your business to increase employee motivation
  • We’ll set up crisis communication so your reputation is not harmed
  • We’ll lobby state institutions to promote your interests
  • We advise you on communication on social media
  • We will prepare CSR activities specifically for your firm
  • We will create a corporate design, logo and graphic manual
  • We provide you our know-how at media training sessions