Production solutions from A to Z
at our Vrbno pod Pradědem facility

According to the drawing, we design the form, conduct the first tests and secure serial deliveries.
We always try to meet your needs. In urgent cases, we’ll send you a car from the warehouse with even a single product


Mouldings from 1 gram to 6 kg

We truly manufacture a lot of products. From plastic composters to special parts for the arms and aviation industries.

Quality always comes first

The quality of our production is ensured by experienced and professional employees and an accredited calibration laboratory.

Production of composters

Since 1992 we have been producing quality Czech plastic composters and composting silos that can withstand the greatest heat and frost.

You have the entire production process in one place

  1. You let us know how the product should look and what parameters it should meet. You can send us a sketch, a drawing or a 3-D model, or simply your idea.
  2. We discuss the details with you and clarify what is needed from a technical point of view.
  3. We produce the mould.
  4. We make the first samples, measure them, and send them for testing.
  5. After approval of the final sample, we will provide standard serial production.
  6. We stock our customers’ products. We send them immediately when you need them.

Plastic parts work as well as metal
 and save you a lot of money

People are often afraid of plastic. However, these fears are mostly unfounded.
After years of experience, we know what material is reliable  and in what cases plastic can replace metal without any worries and at a lower cost.


Over the course of a year we had only a single claim.


  • We have decades of experience and strong know-how. We’ll be pleased to be both your supplier and technical support.
  • We offer top quality. We stick to our agreements.
  • Good relations take precedence for us. We are guided by our sales, not our production. We keep your products fully in stock and do not discuss deliveries. When you need something, you get it.