You can count on perfectly precise measurements
in our accredited calibration laboratory no. 2240

We have never received a single complaint on the quality of services.
We are certified for calibrating length, pressure and angle gauges.
Besides accredited fields, we also calibrate stopwatches, spirit levels, measuring tapes and radius or threaded templates.
We are happy to assist you in meeting ISO and other standards.



Our specialists do precise and quick work at a good price

Our calibration procedures and calibration sheets meet the highest demands of international companies:

  • EN ISO 17025
  • EN ISO 9000
  • EN ISO 14000
  • ISO/TS 16949
  • and other standards

Except that we also meet valid quality regulations for Automotiv:

  • QS 9000
  • VDA 6
  • and other standards



We have been certified for length, pressure, and angle since 1996

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Calibration of length gauges

  • calibration of end gauges up to 500 mm
  • calibration of gauges (smooth and threaded rings, thread measuring threads wires, gap gauges, roller gauges, cylindrical, caliper, flat, threaded and other gauges)
  • calibration of micrometer gauges (calipers and inside micrometres, depth gauges, indicator micrometres, internal jaw micrometres, internal measurement micrometres and other gauges)
  • calibration of indicators (dial indicators, indicators, inside gauges and other gauges)
  • calibration of calipers, forestry calipers, depth gauges, height gauges and other communal length gauges
  • calibration of steel length gauges, coil and telescopic measuring rods and other length gauges


Calibration of angle gauges

  • calibration of universal, arc and optical angle gauges
  • calibration of a wide range of squares
  • calibration of knife-edge and sinus rulers
  • calibration of cylinder perpendicularity
  • calibration of standard rulers


Calibration of pressure gauges

  • calibration of deformation pressure gauges, 0-50 MPa, precision classes 0.4-4

Although we are not certified in these areas, our work is still highly precise


Calibration of time gauges

  • calibration of mechanical stopwatches


Calibration of other gauges

  • spirit level calibration
  • calibration of radius and thread templates
  • calibration of surface plates
  • calibration of measuring tapes (forestry and others)

Send us your gauge by mail, courier or personally

and we will return it to you perfectly calibrated with a certificate.