We care about long-term values
for business and human relations

We’ve always been more interested in the future than quick one-time gains.
We have several divisions across the country, all of which share the same vision of ​​sustainability.


We protect the environment

We cover the plastic recycling process from start to finish … and to the next beginning.

We care about honesty and long-term relationships

We are reliable. We always pay and deliver by the agreed dates.

You save money with us in the long-term

Our divisions are mutual customers. We know that investment in our products and services will generate returns.

We have grown naturally from a small family firm

“My father was already making plastics. As soon as the opportunity to do business arrived after 1989, I wanted to continue what he had started. I founded the company with my wife. After a while, we were joined by my brother and a student for whom I was supervising his master’s degree thesis on plastic waste processing.

I remember the very beginning – once we had to walk to the centre of town for several days because we were waiting to get paid by customers and didn’t have money for the bus. And then the best fifteen years arrived with incredible growth and revenue of nearly half a billion crowns. We just wanted to prove that it was possible to do business seriously and fairly. And in spite of certain problems everyone must face, we celebrated our 25th anniversary in 2016”.

Otto Jelínek, company founder

If Baťa had founded a green firm,
 it probably would have had a similar history

Sometimes we grew with acquisitions. At other times, certain divisions needed something for their own operations.
When we acquired it and confirmed it ourselves, we decided to offer it to our customers.

Otto Jelínek establishes the company as a plastics trader


We buy our first warehouses at a facility in Křelov.


We hire our first employee. He is still with the company today

We acquire our first regranulation line for recycling plastic waste in Štípa. 


We acquire our first regranulation line for recycling plastic waste in Štípa.

marking the establishment of the Hulín plant


Our production demands reliable technology for transporting and detecting materials.

The firms JACOB and Mesutronic provide us top quality. We are so pleased with their technology that we became their sales representative on the Czech market. 


With the company doing well, we purchase a second regranulation line for the Štípa plant.


We purchase a share in the Severomoravské sběrné suroviny company – the Regena Křelov plant

which includes an additional two regranulation lines and an LDPE bag blowing machine.


We purchase a share in Lisovny nových hmot company in Vrbno pod Pradědem.

We begin producing plastic products by injection moulding. An accredited calibration laboratory helps us with precision. 


We acquire our first compounding line.


We move production technology from Štípa to Křelov, where we have already moved the Hulín and Kojetín plants.

 Production and logistics are thus in one place.


We gradually acquire further regranulation and compounding lines.

Six injection moulds are added to Vrbno pod Pradědem.


Composters have proven to be a successful product for us. It’s been more than a decade since we produced our first one.

Teď získáváme certifikaci od organizace AFNOR z Paříže.


We are making investments in technology.

We buy an EREMA regranulation line, our largest injection moulding press and also 5 moulds for the production of two completely new certified composters.


We celebrate our successful 25 years on the market.